Aristarchus_R_13-03-06 06-18-57_PSE_R

Aristarchus_R_13-03-06 06-18-57_PSE_R - Moon: North West Region
VTM C5 | Rukl-18
With increasing overhead illumination, the striking white floor of Aristarchus (40 km) begins to dominate this field. It is one of the brightest formations on the Moon and the centre of a bright oblique ray system. The crater is rich in ilmenite, a titanium oxide-based mineral. Aristarchus is relatively deep at 3.7 km & its broad terraced walls are well presented in this image. Formed 450 million years ago, Aristarchus is a relatively young crater.

Aristarchus_R_13-06-20 22-05-55_PSE_R