Aristarchus_R_13-06-20 22-05-55_PSE_R

Aristarchus_R_13-06-20 22-05-55_PSE_R - Moon: North West Region
VTM C5 | Rukl-18
With oblique lighting, the elevation of the Aristarchus plateau above the surrounding basalt plain is very clear. Directly North of the prominent crater Aristarchus (40 km) there are a number of small rilles of volcanic origin "Rimae Aristarchus" that radiate out into Oceanus Procellarum. One of the few isolated faults, Rupes Toscanelli (length 70 km) can be seen ~60 km North of Aristarchus as a dark line running North-South. The oblique lighting also reveals a number of small volcanic domes that are encircled by the dark Vallis Schroteri. The ancient horseshoe-shaped flooded crater Prinz (47 km) is located near the top RHS together with several large isolated mountains, Montes Harbinger. A very bright triangular point of light on the top LHS of the image is the isolated mountain massif Mons Herodotus - check it out in the other images.

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