Aristoteles and Eudoxus

Aristoteles and Eudoxus - Moon: North Region
VTM I2 I3 J2 J3 | Rukl-5 Rukl-13
A wide field image encompassing Aristoteles (87 km) and Eudoxus (67 km), to the North and South respectively. Aristoteles has a depth of 3.3 km and is unusual in that its "central" peaks are quite off centre. The crater appears to have been partly filled. Its terraced walls are nicely orientated for viewing at different angles of illumination and the outer ramparts are quite pronounced. A completely flooded crater Egede (37 km) lies to the West (left) of Aristoteles. Eudoxus is a smaller though no less prominent crater than Aristoteles, and slightly deeper at 3.4 km. It is a "Copernican" crater formed within the past 1.1 billion years and is the centre of a ray system. There is no central peak, rather a central cluster of small hills.
Waning Moon, 67% full