Bullialdus and Mare Nubium

Bullialdus and Mare Nubium - Moon: South West Region
Bullialdus (61 km) is yet another well formed crater. It is located on Mare Nubium and has a large surronding rampart with the impact of ejecta extending for over 100 km beyond the crater wall. There are numerous crater chains due to the impact that created Bullialdus.The crater is deep at 3.5 km and contains a complex cluster of central peaks which reach up to 1 km above the crater floor. A broad Flat valley, "Bullialdus W" can be seen running West on the left side of Bullialdus. There are a number of nearby flooded craters, the most prominent one being Lubiniezky (44 km) to the left. Its floor is peppered by craterlets from the Bullialdus impact. Possibly the most interesting is Wolf T (27 km), which appears to be filled to the brim creating a plateau rather than a depression. Wargentin (South West Region) is the most prominent example of this type of crater. Gould (34 km), towards the top RH corner, is another nearby example of a flooded crater, which is missing the South-East arc of its wall. It is crossed by an ejecta crater chain. Flooded crater Kies lies just south of Bullialdus but is not in this image, it has its own image. There are numerous wrinkle ridges in the RHS of the image.
Waxing Moon, 75% full

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