Davy crater chain

Davy crater chain - Moon: Central Region
This is one of a handful of crater chains on the Moon. Catena Davy is 47 km in length & contains 23 craters: ~20 craters are evident in this image. The craterlet in the middle of the chain is 2.6 km Davy YA. This crater chain is located just near Ptolemaeus; the crater on the lower LHS is Ptolemaeus G (7 km). The two craters in the top RH corner are Davy (35 km) & Davy A (15 km). See Rukl map 43. The current thinking is that its likely origin was a disrupted comet or asteroid, much like the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact on Jupiter. Some crater chains may have resulted from volcanic activity or as secondary craters from a major impact.

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