Giant Crater Janssen

Giant Crater Janssen - Moon: South East Region
Janssen (190 km) is a very large and very old walled plain that is heavily degraded. The outer wall is poorly defined. For a sense of scale, the bowl-shaped crater Metius (88 km) in the top RH corner is a large crater in its own right. Its interior is deep at 3 km and relatively smooth with several small off-centre mountain peaks, and internal crater "B" (14 km). The neighbouring crater Fabricius (78 km, depth 2.5 km) lies within the perimeter of Janssen. Fabricius has a slightly distorted shape, a linear group of central peaks rising to 0.8 km, and also a second range of mountains North of the central peak. The crater's East and South East walls are well presented for viewing. To the South lies the ill-defined crater Fabricius A (45 km), also within Janssen's boundaries. One of the most notable features of Janssen is the arc-shaped system of rilles, Rimae Janssen. They extend across a large unnamed depression within the Southern region of Janssen, perhaps encompassing half of the area of the walled plain. The nicely formed Lockyer (34 km, 3.8 km deep) straddles the Western wall of Janssen.
Waning Moon, 87% full

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