Hesiodus A, double crater

Hesiodus A, double crater - Moon: South Region
Rukl 54, VTM F12
Hesiodus A (15 km) is an unusual and rare double crater probably created by an imact of a pair of associated asteroids. The larger flooded crater below (North) of 'A' is Hesiodus (43 km). Both are located on the edge of Mare Nubium. The crisp central crater 'D' is 5 km in diameter. The rille Rima Hesiodus runs from the RHS of the crater. The rilles on the LHS lie within crater Pitatus (97 km) which falls outside the image. Hesiodus is named after Greek poet Hesiod (c 700 BC). South is up.

Hesiodus A_IR_12-05-31 21-16-10_PSE_R