Jura, Montes & Promontorium Laplace

Jura, Montes & Promontorium Laplace - Moon: North West Region
VTM F2 F3 | Rukl-2 Rukl-10
When the lighting is right the mountain range bordering Sinus Iridum, Montes Jura comes alive, with the mountain massif at the tip of Promontorium Laplace (lower centre) casting a triangular shadow. The highest peaks in this range rise up over 6 km above the basaltic plain. I really like the isolated mountain range to the RHS, Montes Recti, which extends for 90 km and has a width of 20 km. A We are observing the hills obliquely, giving a nice perspective. They rise to a modest 1.8 km above the surrounding plain. The prominent crater on the lower LHS is Bianchini (38 km). The heavily degraded crater just South of centre is Maupertuis (46 km).

Jura, Montes