Lacus Autumni & Mare Orientale

Lacus Autumni & Mare Orientale - Moon: West Region
The dark complex curved feature on the LHS is Lacus Autumni (Lake of Autumn), a lunar mare that lies on the western limb. It is semicircular but strongly foreshortened here. The larger long dark feature closer to the limb is Lacus Veris, an arc shaped mare that lies on the east side of Mare Orientale and partially encircles it. Mare Orientale, a large circular impact basin, is just visible here as the dark line along the limb with the western ring of mountains being nicely silhouetted on the lunar limb. This mare is located on the far-side of the Moon and is only visible from time-to-time.

Marius_0001 11-08-11 22-24-04_PSE2_R