Lambert_R_13-06-18 21-35-22_PSE_R

Lambert_R_13-06-18 21-35-22_PSE_R - Moon: North West Region
VTM F5 | Rukl-20
Lambert (30 km) is a small though prominent crater located on the relatively impact free floor of Mare Imbrium. A number of wrinkle ridges appear to radiate out from the crater. Wrinkle ridge Dorsum Zirkel extends towards the top LHS for a distance of 210 km. Of particular interest is the flooded ghost crater Lambert R (55 km) immediately South of Lambert. Only visible at local sunrise or sunset, this ancient crater was buried when Mare Imbrium was flooded 3.5 billion years ago. Upon cooling and shrinking, the basalt deformed to reveal the form of the ghostly submerged crater. A number of isolated mountain massifs are dotted through the field with Mons La Hire (10 x 20 km) on the LHS casting a very long dramatic shadow.

Mons Gruithuisen Gamma_IR_0014 12-04-03 21-43-33_PSE2_R