Marius Hills, field of lunar domes

Marius Hills, field of lunar domes - Moon: West Region
Crater Marius (41 km) is a useful signpost for the nearby field of small volcanic domes. The floor of the crater is flooded, with two internal craterlets apparent and one in the centre just percebtible (<1 km); the largest is Marius G (3 km). For size reference, the crater to the RHS of Marius is Marius E (6 km). The “Marius Hills” are up to a few km across & average 200–500 m in height. They are believed to be of volcanic origin. There are many smaller domes with diameters in the 1-2 km range. In this image they continue beyond the terminator. The domes are only visible just near sunrise or sunset.

Marius Hills_R_13-06-20 22-10-55_PSE_R