Milichius Pi, Dome with Caldera

Milichius Pi, Dome with Caldera - Moon: West Region
The region between Copernicus and Kepler, on Mare Insularum, contains many volcanic lunar domes. They are long extinct but preserve their features including central caldera that once spewed out lava. The domes are very shallow and can only be imaged at very low incident light angles. The dome shown at in the center here, near local sunset, is Pi (π) Milichius. Its central caldera pit is ~1 km in diameter. Although π Milichius is 10 km in diameter, it only rises to ~230 m. In contrast, the most prominent crater, Milichius (13 km) has a depth of 2.5 km. Milichius A (9 km) lies at the top of the image. A rinkle ridge runs between 'π' and 'A'.

Milichius Pi_IR_12-05-31 20-57-18_PSE_R