Mons Rumker, Volcanic Formation

Mons Rumker, Volcanic Formation - Moon: North West Region
I have been experimenting with low temperature imaging in order to improve signal-to-noise. It has paid off in this early (lunar) morning image of volcanic formation Mons Rumker. This cluster of ~30 domes located on Oceanus Procellarum rises to 1.1 km above the basaltic plain. The structure is roughly circular with a diameter of 70 km though it is considerably foreshortened as it is close to the Northwestern limb. The domes are highest to the South. As the Sun rises, this strange plateau disappears into the surrounding basalt plain. Unlike some other lunar domes, the vents imaged by orbiting satellites are not apparent. The crater to the South of Mons Rumker is Naumann E (6 km). To the West (left) an unnamed wrinkle ridge winds past Harding H (6 km).