Palus Epidemiarum and Rima Hesiodus

Palus Epidemiarum and Rima Hesiodus - Moon: South West Region
Palus Epidemiarum - "Marsh of Epidemics" - must be one of the most bizzarre lunar names. Nevertheless the region is very interesting. The full 300 km length of the broad rille, Rima Hesiodus, extends from crater Hesiodus (43 km) in the top RH corner across to flooded crater Capuanus (60 km) on the LH side. The rille is an example of a graben, a valley created by subsidence between two parallel faults. Crater Hesiodus has a 5 km craterlet in its dead centre. The neighbouring crater Hesiodus A is in darkness here, hiding its strange double crater interior, which is much like the smaller crater Marth (7 km) located just North West of the Western end of Rima Hesiodus. The dark crater near the image centre, Cichus (41 km) has a crater Cichus A (11 km) right on its rim. Just North East of this feature is the flooded and degraded crater Weiss (66 km); its floor is scattered with small hills which can be seen with the low angle of illumination.
Waning Moon, 30% full

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