Posidonius at sunset

Posidonius at sunset - Moon: North East Region
VTM XX | Rukl-14
The oblique illumination at local sunset highlights the subtle features within Posidonius (95 km), The semi circle of central peaks catch the sun, contrasting with the dark shadow cast by the wall of the off-centre Posidonius A (11 km). Rimae Posidonius is the collective name for system of rilles that crisscross the crater. The rille running along the Western wall is highlighted by the oblique lighting. Variation in Western wall height is evident from the cast shadows, with a portion of that wall also missing. Crater Chacornac (51 km) to the South East is in full shadow with only its Western rampart being illuminated. Mare Serenitatis occupies the left half of the image, and with this illumination the wrinkle ridge system Dorsa Smirnov is thrown into relief. One unusual feature is the 2 km craterlet that sits by chance right on the branch point of Dorma Smirnov.
01 April 2013