Rima Sirsalis, unusual straight rille

Rima Sirsalis, unusual straight rille - Moon: West Region
Rima Sirsalis is a long dead-straight rille that unusually cuts through lunar highland near the Western limb of the Moon. Most rilles are in maria or flooded craters. It looks like a highway! It extends outside this image in both directions. Apparently the lunar magnetic field (which is very weak) is unusually strong in the vicinity of the Rima Sirsalis. The prominent crater in the bottom of the image is Sirsalis (42 km); it partly obliterates the older Sirsalis A (49 km). Crater Sirsalis J (12 km) bisects the rille. A less prominent rille wraps around Sirsalis A, and towards the bottom left of the image a faint rille is just apparent. South is up.