Schroteri Valley_R2_14-01-25 19-58-57_PSE_R

Schroteri Valley_R2_14-01-25 19-58-57_PSE_R - Moon: North West Region
VTM C5 | Rukl-18
This amazing cluster of features includes Vallis Schroteri (Schroteri Valley), the largest sinuous rille on the Moon, the brilliant young crater Aristarchus (40 km) (on the left) and the flooded crater Herodotus (35 km) (centre). All are perched atop of a broad plateau projecting from the surrounding basaltic plain of Oceanus Procellarum. A volcanic feature, Vallis Schroteri is a large valley by any measure, with a maximum width of 10 km, a total length of 160 km and a maximum depth of 1 km. A narrow rille runs down the length of the valley. Considered a difficult target, excellent sky conditions allowed me to capture the Southern end of the elusive rille in the wide part of the valley known as the "Cobra's Head".

Sinus Iridum at Sunrise