Tycho_R_13-03-04 06-07-18_PSE_Crop_R

Tycho_R_13-03-04 06-07-18_PSE_Crop_R - Moon: South Region
Tycho (85 km) is one of the best known craters on the Moon and with an age of 100 million years, also the youngest of the larger craters. Consequently its walls have not been eroded by more recent impacts unlike most of the surrounding craters on the Southern highlands. At a lunar latitude of 43°, Tycho is presented to us at an oblique angle, showing the beautiful form of its terraced walls and the small hillocks scattered on the uneven though impact-free floor. Tycho is deep at 4.85 km & the well defined central mountain complex reaches up to 1.9 km above the floor.

Tycho_R_13-03-04 06-07-18_PSE_R