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Guestbook message By BOB: Your Moon site is not only original but extremely accurate and a joy for a Moon enthusiast to visit. Thank you for the detailed information.
Guestbook message By Peter Allison: Hi Andrew, Good to meet you at Friday's BAS meeting. I've spent some time exploring your excellent website. Fabulous lunar resource. I hope we might see you at more BAS meetings.
Guestbook message By Phil H UK. N East: Great site.Thanks to your astrophotography have defined 2 craters tonight, Atlas and Hercules through my trusty russian TAL1. Good conditions at last. My very best. Phil
Guestbook message By dhollmusik: Excellent site, mate. Thanks to your Moon Atlas I've got an accurate sense of scale when imaging the moon.
Guestbook message By Cindy Roshon: Hi. I stumbled across your site while looking for accurate, topographical-type maps of the Moon. I'm an amateur photographer-- no, scratch that. I'm a hack photographer. I became interested in photographing the Moon about 6 years ago, then moved on to the interior of Cloud structures, and most recently lightning. Incidentally, this last has yielded facts I've never seen discussed anywhere....for instance, did you know that lightning doesn't come down in a solid strike but comes down in superspeed pulses, which photographotographs as rings, seen after the bolt has risen again, as the super-heated, incandesced channel the bolt carves cools off. =) But more on that later. I want to thank you for incredibly interesting, detailed site, short on opinion, long on observation. As you are a professional, don't laugh at me, but what I am shooting with is an otc Canon SX60HD with 260x zoom, which I rarely use, preferring to shoot high-definition shots and zoom in for detail later. I want more detail, but on my budget, I am limited to the under $1,000 range for now. I just wanted to check in, say keep up the good work, and to ask one question: when and why did you start photographing the Moon? That's technically two questions, but is contained within one sentence. I've been hooked on lunar photography ever since I started, and it's far outweighed my own expectations as far as clarity of observational data yielded, especially with a stock otc camera at 16 megapixels max. =)
Guestbook message By David Schmidt: 30 Aug 2017: I just wanted to thank you for making such an excellent site available. I got the link from P&K SpaceImaging (another great site), and as I told them, I'd like to use this site in my classes. I'm an American, teaching middle school Science here in Bangkok. This site is a great addition to our studies, and I look forward to learning more about the site, and I'm sure my kids will enjoy it as well. Thanks again.
Guestbook message By dr george whiston: 29 Jun 2017: What are the pros and cons of a cooled CCD camera for lunar photography? I am at present using a C11 CPC with a skyris 274M camera but I am toying with getting a cooled camera. I really appreciated your techniques tips - a red filter seems to help with low lunar altitude in UK summer
Guestbook message By Dave: Hello Andrew. Loved going through your site. Hope you are well and things are all good. Only one question. It may be so obvious to you but I don't quite understand. Why does it seem all things in the universe rotate anti clockwise? I mean bar a few collisions that may "rock the boat" so to speak, EVERYTHING rotates anti clockwise, viewed from above the north if that makes any sense!. Why is that? What Big Bang thing caused that angular rotation?. Chance? Do other things like electrons spin the same anti clockwise direction?? Oh and in a few words...have they really found negative mass in some rubidium Bose-Einstein .......OMG Dave

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