Arzachel_IR_11-12-17 05-21-45_PSE_R

Arzachel_IR_11-12-17 05-21-45_PSE_R - Moon: Central Region
I captured this image of Arzachel (97 km) in IR. Whilst IR is less sensitive to atmospheric turbulance, I have found that in practice resolution is slightly better in red light. There is also less tonal variation in IR vs red. Arzachel is relatively deep at 3.6 km and the off-centre central peak rises to 1.5 km above the floor. Being a relatively young crater, there are few impacts on its floor or walls. Arzachel A (10 km), the largest, sits between the central peak and the curved rille Rimae Arzachel, which runs for 50 km. The shadow shows that the floor east of the rille has a lower elevation than the west side. A further less pronounced rille runs along the inside of the south east wall. The craterlet south of "A" is "K" (4 km). An odd shaped craterlet "H" (5 km) overlays the southern tip of the central mountain. The larger of the pair of craterlets at the north end of the curved rille is "T" (3 km). There are a number of small hills dotted around the floor. On the western wall there is a partil crater in shadow Arzachel B (8 km) and a smaller crater "C" (6 km) on Arzachel's rampart.
Waning Moon, 59% full

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